Our services & expertise

Preliminary Study Formula

You have a new layout or an old renovation project and you want to optimize volumes, storage, room location, interior circulation, light, and create a unique style for your interior that combines functionality and aesthetics in a personalized way.

Opt for our Preliminary Study formula, which develops layout plans, selects color intentions and materials. You then remain autonomous in your final selections, as well as in implementing future work at your own pace.

Our deliverables

  • Maps, condition of the place
  • Layout plans and elevations
  • Ambient boards that define your aesthetic concept
  • Recommendations for the work


  • Lighting plan
  • Custom furniture design and layout
  • 3D mockups
  • Technical plans (kitchen, bathroom, laundry room,...)
  • Shopping List decoration
Image of a table and a light fixture
Image of a living room
architecture d'intérieur

Full Design Formula

You entrust us with the complete management of your partial or complete transformation project of your interior or your rental investment. From defining the specifications to monitoring the construction site, our team and partners take charge of all phases of the project on a turnkey basis.

Our Full Design formula has been designed to free you from the stress inherent in any process and monitoring of work.

Our deliverables to be adjusted to each project scope

  • Maps, condition of the place
  • Definition of the specifications (expectations, lifestyle, needs, tastes...)
  • Layout plans and elevations
  • Custom furniture and layout design
  • 3D model and photorealistic quality rendering
  • Selection of materials, furniture, lighting, textiles, textiles, decoration, including artistic (sculpture, painting, photography)
  • Consultation of companies for the realization of the work
  • Work description and technical plans
  • Purchase, storage and installation of furniture, lighting and textiles
  • Construction site monitoring
  • Reception and final report of the work
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