Renovation of a kitchen and a dining room on the ground floor of a beautiful house in the center of Amiens, with a custom veranda.



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Sabine Serrad

In this beautiful Amiénoise, our work focused on opening up the spaces (interior wall and load-bearing wall) to bring natural light into the living areas and design a kitchen to suit the family's needs.

In general and when possible, we love to preserve any existing architectural elements that mark the history of a place. Thus, the beautiful cement tiles in the entrance hall and two areas on the first floor were kept and renovated. To tie in the two rooms we used a sober and elegant stone-like ceramic tile, and mass-dyed tiles of the same color and reference as those we renovated and that were used more than four decades ago!

We deliberately emphasized the structural features of the house by designing a large, rectilinear kitchen. The light well enhances the sink, which was treated and staged like a precious jewel case with zellige tiles and a brass wall light.

The soft tones of the cabinets and walls (beige and pinkish-beige) highlight the colors of the floor in antique cement tiles and the stained-glass windows on the large doors.

The bright, uncluttered dining room is set opposite in a completely renovated veranda overlooking the elegant garden.

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