Renovation of the main living rooms of a bright 60 m2 apartment. The aim of the project was to give it charm and uniqueness.



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Sabine Serrad

This classic apartment, initially lacking in charm and character, was completely redesigned according to a triple logic: optimization of space, ingenious spatial organization to allow several uses to cohabit smoothly, and an aesthetic identity that is both marked and soft, reflecting the endearing personalities of our clients.

In the living room, we opted for a soft, luminous terracotta palette, completed by light oak and milky white. 

The originally non-existent entrance now features dressers and multiple storage units. Wooden slats let in natural light.

We extended the wall of the dining area to further partition the office area, dedicated to working from home. Thanks to the use of light, soft tones of the custom millwork and to the abstract wallpaper, the office feels bigger and luminous, while still following the aesthetic lines of the project. Opposite, the beige living room with its golden furniture is discreet and completes the room. 

In the family son's modest bedroom, every piece of furniture was custom designed and made. From the subtle privacy screens, to the bed with its deep storage compartments and extra mattress concealed in the base, to the dressing table that extends into a large desk. Everything has been thought out to make this room a playful, easy-to-live-with cocoon.

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