Renovation of a contemporary house of 60 m2 with beautiful volumes to live in.



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Sabine Serrad

In this contemporary house with spacious living areas, we opened up the kitchen by removing the living room wall, offering new perspectives and views of the living spaces. The kitchen was enhanced with an island and a custom metal bar designed by the studio. The structural column in the kitchen was created to completely integrate the Kitchen design by making it functional and provide an elegant yet discreet display area.

The kitchen countertop was upgraded to a dark-grey engineered stone that complements the bar and door frames.

In the completely renovated dining room, we used a superb stone-like textured wall tile, that we can find mirrored in the living room, around the fireplace. It anchors both spaces while giving it dimension.

The living room has been given a facelift, with vertical suspended bookcases adorning the fireplace area without overloading it.

The custom curtains are a highlight of the project, by its choice of color and fabric: dense, textured fabric that adorns the sliding glass doors to the garden with a timeless elegance and a touch of retro.

The furniture, lighting and decor selected by the studio emphasize the nobility of materials and pure, timeless lines! A radical transformation that brings a new identity to the house.

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