Renovation whose major challenge was concentrated on the kitchen, the dining room, the large living room, the two outlying bedrooms and the separate shower room.



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BCDF Studio

In this large beautiful house, the Studio focused on the kitchen, dining room and large living room, as well as 2 off-centered bedrooms needing access to their own water closet and bathroom.

The aesthetic concept we came up with - raw materials such as solid wood, stone and concrete, matte finishes, a color palette dominated by khaki and water greens, contrasted by a light beige - aimed to revisit the "industrial" style we rarely explore. We gave it a touch of "country chic" with natural materials and a very clean design.

The highlight of the project was to relocate the kitchen and to create a walk-in pantry by taking some space out of the adjoining barn. Thanks to this, a second independent entrance was created maximizing the flow to the garden.

The huge island creates a visual and functional link to the L-shape kitchen. The seating area provides ample space for the kid’s meals while creating a rhythm to the island. The same attention to detail and choice of materials has been applied to the walk-in pantry, with its impressive storage capacity. Two elegant metal doors, designed by the Studio, give access to the new spaces while offering new visual perspectives.

Upstairs, the creation of a bathroom in an old closet was a technical challenge. Its small size was compensated for by a custom mirror that extends right up to the sloping ceiling. In the bedrooms, the trusses were conceived as decorative elements that partition the space.

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