Complete renovation of a ground floor and a veranda in Senlis with the creation of custom furniture.



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BCDF Studio

Our objective was to rethink the uses and the flow, as well as offer new perspectives on the first floor and veranda of this beautiful stone house.

At the core of this transformation was the opening of a load-bearing wall between the dining room and the kitchen. In addition, we closed off one of the living room accesses to create a better entrance, where we designed a dedicated entry closet. On the living room side, this structural choice enabled the insertion of a custom cabinet with elegant high niches. 

The whole kitchen was completely rethought and we took advantage of the full ceiling height for added storage and a dramatic effect, enhanced by the use of a deep green color on the cabinets. It resulted in a drastic visual change, as if the walls had been pushed back. The rounded curves of the island soften and complete the lines.

In the dining-room, a custom piece modernized the lines of a classic sideboard. Some of its upper sections are cladded in mirror, which creates a new sense of depth in a perpetual game of reflection with the kitchen.

The old French doors opening onto the veranda have been replaced by custom-designed sliding doors to save space and optimize natural light. Likewise, a glazed sliding metal door separates the kitchen from the entrance. The greige used for the sliding doors was chosen to emphasize the house’s classic aesthetic.

The new space planning of the veranda integrates a desk for working remotely as well as a TV area, which was thought as a cocoon, for sharing precious moments with the whole family.

Finally, the living room overlooking the garden was kept very sober, to enhance the metal fireplace surround, which was deliberately left unfinished. The elegance of a project is always the result of a subtle balance between contrasting materials and colors.

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