Creation of a multi-purpose custom furniture by Atmospheres Design in fluted oak for an entrance to an apartment in Puteaux.



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Sabine Serrad

In this luxury apartment, which we had renovated and decorated two years earlier, all that remained was this long, narrow entranceway almost ten meters long. We had 2 objectives: to meet the storage requirements (archives, shoes, coats and jackets, gloves and scarves and vacuum cleaner) while providing a unique and timeless aesthetic.

We designed a piece of furniture almost six meters long, alternating sections with curves and openings. The intention was to visually deconstruct the rectangular space while proposing dedicated uses to each section. 

The choice of light oak was immediately obvious for its chic and timeless aesthetic. The closet doors are in fluted oak. The easy full-height shoe storage is reminiscent of the kitchen cargo spirit.

Black metal-like tile flooring, installed in a curved pattern, completes the design of the furniture, giving the entrance a bold new look. To protect the left wall from abuse (groceries, etc.), a beautiful fluted wall tile with a brass finish, echoing the doors, finishes our soft, precious approach to this entrance, which is the first impression of the apartment.

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